Bedroom TypeUnit Size (sqft)No. Of UnitsStarting From
1 Bedroom495 to 753 sqft24100% Sold
2 Bedroom840 to 1130 sqft114100% Sold
2 Bedroom + Study Duplex1163 sqft6100% Sold
3 Bedroom1130 to 1313 sqft72100% Sold
3 Bedroom Dual Key1378 sqft14100% Sold
4 Bedroom1238 sqft28100% Sold
3 Bedroom Penthouse1948 sqft3100% Sold
4 Bedroom Penthouse2077 to 2142 sqft5100% Sold
Restaurants/F&B323 to 1302 sqft23$3,254,400
Shops301 to 1130 sqft5$5,311,200

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